#MTBoS30: Google Classroom

All right all you techy lovers of Google- this is a call for all the ways you use {and want to use} Google classroom!

I played with it at a conference for about 30 minutes and fell in love but I know very little.

I'm going to share my ideas and then you comment and tell me if they are even possible and then tell me your better ideas. K?

  • Warm Ups/Bell Ringers {a la Fawn}
  • Uploading digital pictures of their INB after each unit, maybe with some sort of reflection {a la my iPad INB project}
  • Answer Keys to INB Notes for students who were absent
  • Instructions for activities/games
  • Some quizzes maybe? Can it grade them?
That's all I've come up with so far. I love my INBs and task cards and scavenger hunts so I'm not trying to go completely paperless or anything.

I have an iPad cart but we aren't 1:1 so students can't take the device out of the room.

My students love Plickers and Kahoot and I <3 any="" are="" as="" classroom="" desmos="" div="" google="" integrate="" or="" so="" support="" there="" those="" to="" ways="" well="" with="">

Please link any posts you know of that relate to this topic! I have all summer to learn. 


  1. Check out alicekeeler.com, all the information you need to be overwhelmed by information!

  2. Check out alicekeeler.com, all the information you need to be overwhelmed by information!

    1. I follow her on Twitter and I have no idea how she has a life with how much and how often she tweets!

  3. Given your earlier post on capturing your INBs I would suggest you take a look at the OneNote ClassNotebook... it might be an easier option to keep your students' materials separate & private (and easier to capture using the OfficeLens app that pushes images directly into the Notebook). And, being a math teacher, you'll appreciate the ability to write mathematics instead of using a keyboard.

    1. How is it different from Google Classroom/Docs/Drive?

      Google is much more intuitive from what I've seen in the overview.

  4. With Google forms, there's a free add-on (Flubaroo) you can download. It can grade quizzes and even send an e-mail to each student with their grade, mistakes, etc.

    1. So I've heard! Thanks for the reminder, I will definitely check it out.