#MTBoS30: Start, Continue, Stop


  • Google Classroom
  • More Desmos
  • More Kahoot
  • More Plickers
  • Using my formative assessment tracker
  • Monthly Writing Assignment...maybe?
  • Musical cues...maybe?
  • Being more encouraging, friendly, and inclusive
  • Giving students pencil bags for their binders to hold dry erase markers and pencils


  • Two Nice Things
  • Visible Random Grouping every two weeks
  • INBs
  • Organized Binders
  • Less Handouts
  • Remind App
  • Task Cards/Scavenger Hunts
  • Math Pong
  • Trashketball
  • My 6 Pencil Plan
  • Bell Ringers
  • Birthday Candy
  • Semester Reflection Papers
  • Mental Math Monday


  • Being so sarcastic
  • Letting students get away with not working
  • Crossing my arms so much


  1. Hi! I also want to use Plickers in the classroom, have you ever tried it before? I know I saw some Pinterest pages where they stick the picker in their notebook but I haven't really ever tried it out before....

    Do you have a previous post on math pong? It sounds pretty fun!

    By the way, great post! I may use it for my next blog post to help reflect and set goals :)

    1. Plickers are good if you're using multiple choice problems. The one issue I have with them is that the app DRAINS my battery. Keep a charge cable handy if you're going to use them.

    2. Yes, I've used Plickers and students reallllly like it. I laminate the QR codes and students attach them to the back of their INB. The reason I don't use them more is because you have to have problems prepared ahead of time. That's hard for me to remember but also I never end up where I think I will so it's hard to decide what questions to ask. I've never had a problem with it draining my battery though. Weird.

      Here are two links to my posts about math pong.