#MTBoS30: End of Year Survey {A Teacher Evaluation Series}

I found a survey I liked on Twitter but couldn't figure out how to save it as my own and edit it in Google Forms.

Classroom Chef to the rescue!

I added more of my own questions but I really liked this as a foundation.

Here is my version {I hope it doesn't mess anything up by sharing this lol}

After I finished it, I thought of even more questions that I wanted to add but you have to stop somewhere I suppose. Although I sure do love making and taking surveys- the fun never has to end! Lerky, I know {lame/nerdy/dorky}.

I plan on pairing the results of this survey along with Brigid's End of Year Evaluation post. She has a great idea for a Teacher Goal Setting Form that I really like. I also think it will look verrrrrrrry nice in my teacher evaluation binder.

I love to plan ahead and you already know I love a good form!

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