#MTBoS30: Evaluation Binder {A Teacher Evaluation Series}

I've decided to do a little series about the teacher evaluation process. It's become a huge deal over the course of my newb 7 year career but it is actually a process I enjoy. I love to reflect and analyze myself and what could be better than organizing it into a cute binder and sharing it? =)
Our school follows the Charlotte Danielson evaluation model which is made up of four domains and many smaller components. I'm going to give you an overview of everything included in my binder under each domain.

Domain 1 Planning and Preparation
Component 1a Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy
  • End of Course Exam
Component 1b Knowledge of Students
  • Classroom Procedures
Component 1c Selecting Instructional Goals
Component 1d Knowledge of Resources:
  • Record of Resources
Component 1e Designing Coherent Instruction
  • Teacher Reflection on Lessons (aka blog posts)
Component 1f Assessing Student Learning
  • Formative Assessment Strategies 
  • Word Problem Rubric
  • Grading Rubric
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Rubric
  • Unit Circle Project Rubric
  • Cheerleading Tryout Rubric
Domain 4 Professional Responsibilities

Component 4a Reflecting on Teaching
  • Teacher Reflection on Lessons (aka blog posts)
Component 4b Maintaining Accurate Records
  • Lesson Plans
  • Cover Sheet (Grade book)
  • Seating Charts (and rationale)
Component 4c Communicating with Families
  • Copies of emails to parents
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Attendance
Component 4d Contributing to the School and District
  • List of School/District Committees
  • Volunteer and Supervision/Sponsored Activities
  • Presenting at SIP days
Component 4e Growing and Developing Professionally
  • Summaries of workshops attended
  • Training
  • Active involvement in PLCs
Component 4f Showing Professionalism
  • List of School/District Committees
  • Volunteer and Supervision/Sponsored Activities
Last year when I was evaluated, they wanted at least one thing for each component in Domain 1 and 4. The other two domains were covered by our formal and informal observations. I was not evaluated this year so it will be interesting to see how the requirements have changed this year.

Here is what I turned in for my classroom procedures:

I feel like this showed knowledge of my students and anticipating their needs as well as to keep a nice flow of traffic and learning continuously in the classroom.

Stay tuned!

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