#MTBoS30: 30 Moments to Celebrate My 30th

I just turned 30 and here are 30 ways I celebrated!

Ate way too much and enjoyed every bite!

 I don't drink soda that often so this was delish.

We can never pass up a Gordman's. We went three times in two days!

I usually go to Rally's late at night and they always 'say' the shake machine is 'broken'. This time we went in the daylight. #success

Been waiting for the perfect time to wear this dress.

Booked this through Hotwire for an awesome price and when we got there I realized I had stayed there before! #random

It's a grown up Chuck E. Cheese!

The fries not so much but I was craving some chicken tenders.

 R+F bought all my meals!

 Just walking in was pretty fun.

I killed it at skee ball and basketball though.

The amount of Wal-Marts we went to is embarassing.

I don't know if you can tell but the door sounded like Chewbacca every time it moved.

I don't even like Coke but there's something about biscuits and gravy from Hardee's and Coke.

I finally get to try cookie butter!

This was the best burger of my LIFE! Classic Smash with Smash Sauce and Smash Fries with Rosemary. I wanted to eat another one!

Two days still wasn't enough for all the shopping I wanted to do.

Should have tried cotton candy or the watermelon splash. =(

You know you have good skin care when people think you're 10 years younger! 

It was warm and breezy and not humid. #success

No one could ever replace Panda Express.

The Lord answers prayers.

It's actually good stuff too!

These made my heart so happy!

So the pink throws it off a bit but my love of gray and white chevron overrules the pink.

Just ordered some tassels to add to this sexy bag.

Enough said.

 It's like walking on memory foam.

I didn't even think I bought that many shirts. Surprise, surprise.

There's no place like home.

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