#MTBoS30: 30 School Things That Make Me Smile

Stole this prompt and made it mine =).

  1. Compliments from students
  2. Compliments from colleagues about my clean and smelly good classroom
  3. Days that I don't have to internal sub on my plan period
  4. My chevron borders on my whiteboards
  5. My Febreeze wax melts with Gain
  6. A new dry erase marker
  7. "Inside" jokes with different class periods
  8. Students trying to do math without a calculator
  9. Students willingly helping their classmates
  10. When students help other classmates by asking questions instead of just telling them answers
  11. When a student is in a bad mood but still chooses to do their work
  12. The students' joy in correcting my mistakes
  13. When students get the binders for the other people that sit at their table
  14. Students who are excited to tell me about their weekends every Monday
  15. When students ask me personal questions because they are curious about my life
  16. Students who say bye or have a good day or something nice when they leave the classroom
  17. When students ask if I'm coming to an extracurricular activity
  18. When students say "Did you hear about..." because they want me to be in on the gossip
  19. A joke that makes the whole class laugh together
  20. When students are so engaged that it's silent and you can tell they are all in their own world
  21. When students are arguing over who's right about a problem and call me over to decide
  23. When a student calls me over for help then shoos me away because they already found their mistake
  24. When I walk around the room and ask students if they need me and they say no
  25. When the copiers and printers work awesomely
  26. Color coordinating ALL THE THINGS
  27. Cleaning my desk off at the end of a school day
  28. When students cook or eat in another class and make a special trip to bring me some
  29. When students beat me to saying "Two nice things!" when a student is rude
  30. When I ask students fun questions on bell ringers and they ask for my answers too
That was way easier than I thought and writing them made me smile. 

Try it!

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