#MTBos30: iPad INB Project

Earlier in the year I had a great idea of making a digital copy of each student's INB.

Here's what I came up with: iPad INB Project

This is a google doc (it's a copy so you can edit it or make your own copy) with step by step directions on uploading pictures into google docs.

We put each unit into a separate document. The project ends with making a table of contents with links to each unit in it. Students e-mail me their link to the table of contents only and I can assess it by clicking on the links to each unit. I also asked them to send a link to an alternate e-mail address. I want them to have access to this forever, even after they no longer have a school e-mail address.

My whole intention is that they can have this as a reference for their future math classes- you never know what your future might hold. I had to point out that each picture should be clear and legible.

Sadly, a lot of students thought this was just end of the year busy work but I really thought about this for months and thought it was important and useful.

If you actually read all my directions, I'd like to share a tip. It is possible for students to take all the pictures first and then upload them into the doc. Our problem was that my entire cart of ipads is registered to the same itunes account. Which means, all the photos from all 20 ipads go into the same gallery. =( So rather than sorting through hundreds of pictures, I had students insert them one at a time to be sure they were using their own work.

Also be sure to remind them to take pictures of things that are folded or under flaps.

I fully expected this to take forever and be difficult {because, I mean, technology.} But it actually went fairly smoothly and is only taking about two class periods.

If you would like this as a Word document to print and hand to students, here is a copy:

This is my first dive into going paperless and google docs. Next year I hope to take advantage of Google Classroom so I'm pretty excited that this went well.


  1. Great idea! I've been tempted to do this throughout the year but haven't made the time to do it (yet). Thanks for sharing out your instructions, too.

  2. Here's another tip: Even with a cart of iPads using the same iTunes account if they take all the pictures they can still upload them to their own Google account from within the Google Drive app. They do have to remember to sign in the app as themselves. We did this all the time with my science notebooks last year. The iPads were not set up to automatically upload photos to iTunes, so the original photos stayed on the iPads where they were taken. Our iPads get wiped clean each summer.

    I've never used digital notebooks with math, so I'm totally bookmarking this idea. We did a lot of stuff digitally this year because students got their own iPads to take home. I shifted away from physical notebooks this year but I'm bringing them back for next year.

    1. They were in their own account on Google Docs but every picture taken went into everyone's photo gallery.

      I want to use Google Classroom next year. I would love to hear about how you did digital stuff. I don't think I will ever give up my physical notebooks. lol