Day 3 Activities

Today the board asked students to choose a binder, then use a dry erase marker to number their desk 1-10.

I came around with Washi tape and Sharpies to label their binders. Last year I used white mailing labels and they were terrible to peel off. Washi tape is much better and so much prettier!

Next we moved into Mental Math Monday. Next week we will have a paper template but for this week they just wrote on the desk. This is still one of my all time favorite routines.

Students reading directions is one of my soapboxes. I don't read or repeat directions or answer questions that are easily answered in the directions. So my main activity started with them reading.

Our main activity for the day was Saving Sam.

This is the setup. Which is 100% intriguing to students. I didn't answer any questions about it until we started. Drove them nuts.

Here are the directions.

Some of the things I was looking for throughout the activity were: students who came up with creative solutions, students who did not give up easily, students who could take direction from their partner, students who could give direction, students who could work together, students who could FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

I was pretty happy with the results but the packet could have been shortened or avoided all together. Although I loved watching students write their steps and draw illustrations. To me, this enforced the norms of showing your work, reflecting, and overcoming obstacles.


  1. Very cool! We don't start until Sept. 4, so I'm creeping around the MtBoS to shake up my first day ideas, and I like this group work to start with building group norms (may follow with f(t)'s Eating Grapes).

    1. Thank you! Definitely write about it! :)