Start, Continue, Stop

  • Teaching trig :(
  • Interactive notebooksssssss! And along with that goes interactive teaching!
  • Increasing student engagement: WICOR, gallery walks, movement, sorting, matching, stations games, etc.
  • Positive postcards (create a template and a system!)
  • Using my iPad as a teaching tool (touchpad, splashtop pro, remote mouse, class dojo?, plickers, pictures/video)
  • Cover slips- as a back up 'paper' gradebook
  • Test Corrections...ish
  • Class website so I can share interactive notebook activities with bloggers and students
  • Exit Slips....frequently but not daily
  • Monthly 'Check Ups'
  • New bell ringer plan
  • Friday letters!

  • Students desks arranged in groups
  • Using my timer
  • Mental Math Monday
  • Semester Reflections

  • Worrying. I am going to do the best I know how to with what I have and worrying won't help.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely stop the worrying! I know it is easier to say than do. We all do the best we can and hope that all works out well. Good luck with your new school year!!