Interactive Notebook Calculator Activity

I'm calling this an INB activity but this does not fit in the INB. This is my first activity where students had to constantly refer to the calculator hints we wrote in their INB.

It covers reducing fractions, operations with fractions, graphing equations, zooming, and adjusting the window.

This accomplished exactly what I wanted. Every time students asked me a question, I would just point to the place in their notebook and then they would say "Oh". After first period, I started having them highlight the directions because so many people just skipped right over them.

They got the hang of it after a while and overall, this activity took 20-25 minutes.

Some students got frustrated with me when I answered every question with "Look in your notebook". On closer inspection, that's because those students didn't write everything down. Ah, another life lesson.

My main priority was reading and following directions, learning calculator steps was just a bonus.

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