Day 5-7 Interactive Notebook Setup and Memes!

When I read other people's posts about setting up their INB's in 45 minutes, I feel bad because it took me 3 times that. But I did a lot of cool stuff, got a lot of good feedback, and it's only my first time.

I have 94 students and I probably provided half that number of notebooks to students but I did charge them $.50. That's just so I could go buy more. I told them every day for 5 days that they needed them. I explained that I provide everything else, literally. I even give them pencils. But I asked them to get their own notebooks because I wanted them to pick something they liked and that was a reflection of their personality.

Here is some of my supplies set-up. We did pencil holders, bookmarks, plickers, pockets, and rubber bands,

I also had a tub of milkshake straws and duct tape and a crate of ribbon.

I made a cutesy powerpoint and basically went through it slide by slide.

I don't really know why it took so long but oh well.

Some of my favorite comments from the students were:

"I didn't even know you could do all this to a notebook!"

"I've never been this organized in my life. My mom would be so proud of me."

"Ms. Miller, you are the bomb. You buy us all kinds of cute stuff."

"Ms. Miller, why you gotta be so fancy with your notebooks?"

(After taping in foldables) "So are we ever going to put notes in here?" Me: "Yes, foldables, like what we just put in there." "But like real notes? Like are we going to write in them?"

"Where do you get all these ideas, Pinterest?" Me: "Yes." "So you like, sit at home and look up teaching ideas on Pinterest?" Me: "Yes." I had to laugh because my teaching board on pinterest is called Teaching Ideas. lol

And a lot of students asked me if I would come to college with them to organize their life and decorate their dorm rooms. I would love to!

Overall, students, okay female students, loved the decorating and matching the tape to the stickers to the pencil and so on. They were excited to show them off to other students and describe how pretty they are.

In case you didn't look through my powerpoint, here are my first sets of pages.

Table of Contents

Page 1-2
First, I did calculator hints.
This was my first example of CWP, Color With Purpose, and their first assignment will be a calculator worksheet where they have to refer to their INB, to promote the idea of it being a tool.

Page 3-4
I changed my syllabus from my earlier post to one with lots of fun memes...well I thought it was fun and I did get some laughs out of my classes. And the RHP was Sarah Rubin's Top 5

Page 5-6
And then I retyped Sarah Rubin's Learning Style Survey. We had some decent conversations about the differences in how we learn and study. But I definitely could have went more in depth with those. And the RHP was also Sarah's idea of having them illustrate four of the learning suggestions.

Here are the document downloads:

Calculator Hints

Classroom Expectations (Syllabus)

Learning Style Survey

And that wraps up my first full week of school!


  1. Absolutely love the syllabus of memes! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad someone else shares my sense of humor. :)

  2. Yes! The memes were hilarious! Love the how to PowerPoint. I'm going to use a version of that this year if you don't mind. How long did you give your students to decorate their notebooks after setting them up?

    1. Go for it!

      They didn't really decorate them, I just bought cool alphabet stickers and they put their names on them with stickers. Some of them braided ribbon together to make a book mark or used sharpies to draw on them but I didn't really take time out for just decorating.

  3. Awesome job!! I love the ribbon for a book mark. Do you have a table of context for each unit? I've always just had one at the beginning of the book and then a unit outline at the beginning of a new unit.
    Any chance you could also share the reference page. It's shown on slide 4 of your powerpoint. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

    1. I think that's just the reference that was pre-printed on the back of the notebook when it was made in the factory. I don't think she created it. If you click to the next slide it's zoomed in at the bottom of that page.

    2. Yes, I am trying table of contents for every unit. The reference page is pre-printed on the back of the notebook and this is just the cheap $.50 ones from Wal-Mart.

  4. A few more questions...I was looking at the My Learning Style Survey, but can't figure out how you put it together for the book???
    How do you grade the books?
    Does all homework go into the books or do students have a separate binder for homework? I notice you have left hand for class hand outs and right hand for examples/ student work. Is that where they complete their homework?
    Are students on the same page number for the books? It seems difficult to have all pages #s the same, some students writing larger etc....

  5. I folded the Learning Survey in half so that the Learning Suggestions are facing your face. then when you tape it in, only tape the bottom part instead of taping it closed. That way it can still be opened.

    I am going to grade them at least once per quarter. They are required to have an updated table of contents, page numbers, titles, and dates on every page, no blank pages, nothing should fall out if I shake it, neatness, and extra points for creativity with RHPs.

    I don't give homework. We do have a binder that stays in the classroom. We created tab dividers for bell ringers, handouts, quizzes, and tests. Their notebook goes in the binder and both stay in the classroom.

    Students are all on the same page number. For students who write big or need more space, they continue writing on a separate sheet and tape it in on the correct page number.

    Thanks for asking. :)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing all your notebook handouts!! I jumped on the notebook train a couple years ago and am always on the lookout for great ideas to add and use!!
    Thanks again!!

  7. LOVE the calculator page!! I teach physics, and getting the kids to use the EXP button is a struggle all year long! Ready for a page next year! Thank you so much for the idea!!

  8. This looks great! How do I download the file??

    1. Hover over the top left corner of the file and the title will pop up. Click on that so the file will open.