Made 4 Math: Mental Math Mondays

I've been wanting to do mental math Mondays for a while now but I just found the best resource ever!

This is my plan for next year: Students will have a binder with a little zip up pencil pouch inside of it. (I know they will have it because I'm providing it). I'm going to print out this mental math answer sheet front to back with a coordinate plane on it (that could come in handy randomly throughout the year). Then I'm going to laminate it, cut it apart, and give each student one to keep in the pouch. (They will also have a dry erase marker, eraser, pencil, and pen in the pouch).

I made a powerpoint of mental math problems for every Monday, 36 in a school year, from this site. (Under Resources for Mathematics: Grade 8 under Weekly Essentials) The site has other great resources as well.

I plan to print out the slides in handout form for myself. I will write the date of each Monday on it so I can keep up and I will read the problems aloud one time only. The students can use their dry erase marker and laminated answer sheet to write down their answers. Then I will display the answers for that week on the corresponding powerpoint slide.

Students can check their answers, erase, and store it in the pouch for the next Monday.

Again, I did not create any of this material. I merely copied and pasted it into a nice powerpoint.

This is one-fifth of my bell ringer plan for next year.

To be continued...


  1. Hi Elissa. Funny, the Mental Math page is the only page I don't use from their website! I shared the site also on my post about warm-ups http://fawnnguyen.com/2012/04/02/20120330.aspx

    But now that I see it on your post, I really want to include it as one of the days. Maybe take out my "Fun Fact" day. Mental math is important! Thank you.

  2. Fawn,
    That is so funny! I haven't been reading many blogs but how clever that if you put our posts together, you get the complete resource. Have you used any of the resources under Classroom Strategies? There is some good stuff there. I really like your patterns idea so maybe I will steal some of your ideas too. Thanks :)