Bell Ringers 4.0

It's time for my annual bell ringer giant powerpoint update! {See the original, version 2, and version 3}

Here are the categories:

Mental Math Monday: 10 middle school mental math problems that I read aloud (no repeats!)
Tough Guess Tuesday: estimation180.com photos that students estimate how many
Which One Doesn't Belong Wednesday: wodb.ca four photos that students can name something unique for each
Test Prep Thursday: practice questions from the SAT, our state test
Factoring Friday: factoring has been a huge pitfall for me so 9-12 will be doing 3-4 factoring problems every dang week!

Here's the breakdown:

Monday and Tuesday are repeated from last year.
Wednesday I used all new pictures thanks to the website updates!
Thursday are mostly questions from SAT Practice Test 1.
Friday factoring problems all came from Kuta. They follow the progression of

  • GCF 
  • Four Term 
  • Four Term with GCF 
  • Trinomial a = 1 
  • Trinomial a = 1 with GCF 
  • Trinomial a > 1
  • Trinomial a > 1 with GCF 
  • Difference of Two Squares 
  • Difference of Two Squares with GCF 
  • Mixed (last 6 Friday slides)

Here's the powerpoint:


I made the factoring progression in a separate powerpoint in case that would be of any use to you.


I'm hoping to use Google Classroom for bell ringers this year. I don't know exactly how that will play out yet but students will definitely be answering digitally in some form. I've always had a section of their binders for bell ringers and printed out a front and back paper every week. But 90 x 52 is 4,680 pages too much. I have dry erase desks that students are obsessed with so they will work them out on the desk and only have to type in actual answers. My vague idea is scheduling the bell ringers to post during the passing period of each class, students answer digitally, and I show the answers on the powerpoint on my SMART board.

Any suggestions would be great!

Font used in all powerpoints is ForgetMeNot.


  1. I used Google Classroom last year and I did two things that I really liked. 1. I saved my bell ringer PPT as JPEGs and inserted them into Google Slides so students can write on them and submit the slide back to me in Google Classroom 2. I posted bell ringer up in my classroom and had students answer on Google Forms. This was the easiest since it saved me time by grading on Google Spreadsheets

  2. Great idea! Do you teach any of the same students year after year? I do, and I have 4 math preps so I'm not wanting to make a new set every year. Do they seem to notice if its the same picture?

    1. I'm the only math teacher so I have every kid 3-4 years in a row. They sometimes remember the picture but not the answer lol I changed all the Tuesday's last year so this year I'm not. I use the same Monday every single year and probably will forever!

  3. Thank you for sharing!!! I'm going to be using this. Do you do the factoring with your Algebra 1? We don't teach that until later in the year and if you did something different for them I would definitely be interested. :) I'm grateful you have this available and I will be using it.

    1. I teach factoring through the bell ringers and then when it is time for the actual factoring unit, it goes a lot faster. I also have an updated version that I posted last month too.