#TMC17 My Favorites

My Favorites


Lisa Henry
Thursday Lunch- having lunch with different groups each week to build relationship

Sam Shah
1. Making math joy public- use a hotel bell to share a moment of joy during math class; debrief when a bunch of bells ring if anyone wants to share; not every day, kids want to ring it even when they're not out. Moments of joy become the norm!
2. Never forget exit slips again

Matt Baker
DeltaMath- online homework and review, create free account, 900 different modules, shows solutions, some with video, shows data on each problem students complete @mrdeltamath

John Stevens
Who is the mtbos anyway? MTBoS search engine and database Join and contribute!

Friday Morning

David Butler
Sqwigles- Guiding one-on-one tutoring

Speak your thinking
Questions are open-ended
Guide the student
Listen to students' thoughts and feelings
Explain concepts in a different way

Jennifer Fairbanks
What Else Can Google Slides Do?
Class Scrapbook- get to know each other, make one slide per student including teacher
Class eBook for Midterm and Final Exam Review- one problem per student, one sheet of paper per problem with directions, create table of contents, graded handed in papers, used Adobe Spark to create and upload explanation of their problem, then link each problem slide to the video explanation

Karim Ai
Offer tasks that aren't just hard but where answers don't exist

Friday Afternoon

David Petro
Dynamic Web Sketches- engaging-math.blogspot.ca 5 to 10 minute activities practicing skills, can be used on any device, made from Geometer's Sketchpad

Joel Bezaire
Tinkerplots-pull in data from excel to create animated graphs for analysis
Codap.concord.org- sample data sets, bring in own data

Pam Wilson
Make a Difference Monday- book by Barbara Lewis "What Do You Stand For?" Give short articles about students who overcame obstacles, especially similar obstacles that they are facing
5 Focus- thumbs up for self-efficacy, pointer finger for being thoughtful, middle man for standing tall and taking pride in your work, ring finger for flexibility, pinky for interdependency as a promise that I'm here for you and support you while you work on the other four.

Saturday Morning

Johnathon Claydon
Simulation of buying a house and car, build excel spreadsheet, present monthly payments

Kat Glass
A Different Approach to Student Intervetions- group goal-setting meeting with failing students, "mandatory" weekly after school session, my goals < their goals, giving them ownership of their own goals makes it easier to hold them accountable without it feeling like scolding, don't use code words for failing which can make it feel shameful, swap reviewing with previewing

Bob Lochel
Use how-old.net , find difference between perceived age and actual age, make scatter plot, dot plots, line of best fit

Saturday Afternoon

Joey Kelley
Play With Your Math

David Petro
Practicing math on a continuum- envelopes with strips of practice problems that get increasingly incrementally harder, do five on each card and move on after you get five right, if wrong get help on the remaining five, check answers with UV pen

Benjamin Walker
Peer-to-Peer Math Partnerships- Identify students, students shift from tutee to tutor over time, "mathematically powerful"

Sunday Morning

Deb Boden
Mixed Review HW- document of daily homework (one weeks worth) from past lessons

Anna Scholl
Learnzillion- guided collaborative tasks, free K-8 curriculum, two students per device

Connie Haugneland
Rwanda- share small moves like thumbs up, thumbs down, I notice, I wonder, which one doesn't belong and encouraging teachers to read the Internet for ideas, they are the experts in their classroom and they know what resources they have

Alli George
Study Break- draw at least 4 lines all across the paper, color each shape so that two touching shapes are different colors, then answer 7 questions for data collection, and turn into stats analysis

Anna Blinstein
Desmos Entrance Tickets- bit.ly/EntranceTicket Place a dot on a number line to rate how you feel about the math/hw

Sean Sweeney
Marbleslides Challenges- one slide challenges, create competition by posting scores to past week challenges, one point per star, more points for less functions or creativity, for early finishers, added benefit of learning more about graphing, gives students a chance to learn math on their own, can be mostly completed with linear equations, challenging to complete with fewer equations bit.ly/MarbleslidesTMC

Sandra Miller
Lesson planners- planbook.com $12 a year, color code, post online

Anna Vance- difference of squares rap

Candace Bell
Superheroes- project to measure and create prototypes on grid paper to copy on fabric for capes, interviewed their 'client', measure the clients, writing thank you notes,

Glenn Waddell
Change your language- change students to learners, don't say guys, change all to each



  1. Thank you for this list. I missed Thursday my favorites coming back from lunch so I appreciate the snapshot.

    1. Glad to be of service. I could listen to My Favorites all four days!!