#TMC17 Standards Based Grading in a Traditional Setting {Jennifer Brackney, Tony Riehl}

Standards Based Grading in a Traditional Setting
Jennifer Brackney Tony Riehl

Paring down standards based grading into objective based grading


Change test names to objectives.

Multi color grading- grade each skill in a different marker, even if included in multi-skill problems 

Tony's methods: Label grade book with name of skill and Q1 and T1 etc in front to show progress over time.

After testing over skills, make the quiz grade not count toward their grade but still show in grade book.

Students who are absent on test day get their quiz scores as a test grade and don't take test unless they go through the retest process.

Process: show all completed assignments and class work even if it wasn't graded

Jennifer's methods: Email parents after grades are in letting them know grades are in and the retesting process and your availability.

Highest grade possible on retest is a 90% because there is something to be said for being prepared the first time.

A 100% is misleading to future teachers about their knowledge if they had endless retakes compared to first time. Retakes are informal problems on the board, graded on the spot.

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