#TMC17 Going Vertical - How I Started Using #VNPS {Jennifer Fairbanks, Kathy Campbell}

Going Vertical - How I Started Using #VNPS
Jennifer Fairbanks
Kathy Campbell

(They handed out bookmarks with a QR Code to all their resources. 😍)

The person with the marker is recording others thoughts but should pass the marker off when they have a thought.

Hang vertical borders with magnets to divide large whiteboards into 4x4 spaces. (Love this 😍)

See slamdunkmath.blogspot.com and peterliljedahl.com

Start with groups of friends (to lower stakes) and after one problem, randomly choose one person to rotate to a different group, keep rotating so that groups are all different by the end of class.

Use flippity.net for visible random grouping.

Give problems students will get stuck on.

Students take risks, start writing, and start discussing sooner.

When standing, students cannot hide, must participate.

Allows for greater freedom to explore non-linearity.

Have groups rotate every two spots and check their work.

Students can erase their work but leave the problem and answer so that another group can rotate and work a new problem.

Number boards so groups always know where to go.

Giant magnet graphs!!!!!!

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