Algebra 1 Unit 3: Equations and Inequalities

Unit 3: Equations and Inequalities

Pg 25-26 I'm still using Engage NY curriculum at this point but I made this sorting activity on my own to go in the INB. There is a problem to solve and then the solution set in three different forms: number line, in words, in set notation.

Pg 27-28 These two inequality foldables are modified from Sarah Hagan. I added no solution and all real numbers to the left side foldable.

Page 29-30 I've never taught ZPP as a stand alone lesson but it went over really well. I used Washi tape below to separate the problems, it's not actually a highlighter.

Page 31-32 Another lesson I've never thought about teaching is variables in the denominator but it naturally followed the zero product property. I used this powerpoint to make a huge deal out of NEVER DIVIDING BY ZERO. I even made little pictures for them to tape in their notebook but I forgot to tape mine in! I even made posters.

Page 33-34 Literal equations aren't that fun to teach and I don't really have any comments to make.

Here are the files:

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