Geometry Unit 3: Angles and Lines Interactive Notebook

Unit 3: Angles and Lines

I'm thinking maybe this should be my first unit next year but who knows what I will decide!

Page 31 comes from here.

Page 32 is a modified version of this with a missing piece I notice.

Page 33-34 These next two pages are flashcards from Sarah Rubin. I used them before INBs and I still love them just the same. The students used color better than I did here.

Page 37-38 These last two pages are two of my favorite. I took problems from a Kuta worksheet that were all different types of missing angles problems. We highlighted the important parts of each type of triangle problem and then worked them out.

Here are the files:


  1. Thanks for the organization and resource links. I'm a high school geometry educator and this will be sooo helpful!!
    Many thanks