Geometry Unit 4: Triangles Interactive Notebook

Pg 39- This page was inspired by this idea. I realized afterward that there was really no point in folding them since I wanted students to label the sides.

Pg 40 This page came straight from Kuta which I highly recommend purchasing if you haven't already.

Pg 41 I don't remember where I found this but I made a handout that describes two different ways to draw an equilateral triangle. I make students try both and then they pick one to put in their notebook.

Pg 42 Although this was pretty much pointless we did some folding of fake money to find different equilateral shapes and when we unfolded, we highlight the equilateral triangle. At the bottom I found these equilateral formulas and we use the top three.

Pg 43 I love Math Open Ref's Constructions Tutorials. They show the compass moving step by step as well as giving written directions. We watch it first. They try it and I keep the tutorial running on auto-repeat. Then they cut out one out and write their own directions in their notebook. We did angle bisectors and perpendicular bisectors.

 Pg 44 I made this foldable from old handouts and we highlighted and worked out the problems.

Pg 45-46 Constructions of medians and altitudes.

Pg 47 We first used these triangles for this investigation. I used this Geogebra applet to change the dimensions of the triangles. Students recorded the data and noticed the pattern. Then they practiced on this in their notebook.

Pg 48 We used color coded skewers to build triangles and make some observations a la the Triangle Inequality Theorem.

Pg 49-50 I wrapped up the unit with this since it will lead nicely into our next unit on Congruent Triangles. We followed up this with a practice worksheet modified from here.

Here are the files:


  1. Thanks for the ideas and the handouts. I was getting stale with my presentations. Thank you for the regenerated outlook. The ones I chose worked great!! May God BLESS you!

  2. Glad you found something helpful! God does bless me!