Algebra 2 Unit 2: Linear and Absolute Value Interactive Notebook

Unit 2: Linear and Absolute Value

pg 19-20 These handouts came from my Algebra II bestie Brooke Seals. We highlighted the definitions with the parts of the formula to match. Then practiced writing the formula and identifying the point and slope. On the RHP we practiced writing the equation from a graph.

pg 21 This foldable is a modified version from Sarah Hagan.

pg 22 I found this on the Internet somewhere, not a blog, but I can't find the original link.

pg 23 Piecewise functions page came from Mrs. Hester. Underneath this we made colored t-charts that helped us graph the functions.

pg 24 This practice part came once again from Brooke Seals where students continued to use color to evaluate and graph again.

Here are the files:


  1. Hi Elissa! I love your foldable for transformations. Do you have that digitally with all the fill in the blanks typed in and organized? I'd love to use it. Thanks!

    1. The digital copy is empty but the pictures show the filled in blanks if you wanted to print them out and fill in your own.

    2. I am not seeing the digital copy of the foldable here? I only see the pictures that it is based off of from Sarah Hagan. Do you happen to still have those?

    3. It's on the second page of files. It's called Day 5 Transformations Foldable INB LHP