Geometry Unit 2: Logic Interactive Notebook

Unit 2: Logic

I'm pretty sure I didn't get any of these pages from anyone else but if so, please let me know. I am happy to give them credit.

I started this unit with a discovery lesson from Sam Shah. This foldable basically summed that up.

Pg 22 I made the students number them before cutting which means I should put the numbers on them for next year. I heart sorting!

I call this a syllogism sort. I still love sorting! Then had students write the final conclusion at the bottom.

I'm debating the usefulness of this for next year, especially since we do Visual Patterns every week but for now, here it is.

Here are the files:


  1. I love the information in this post. I have long since struggled with getting students to understand this information and am really looking forward to using some of the ideas from this post. The ones I have used so far have gone great and the students love the hands on activities. I am looking forward to using some of your other information from other posts. I teach Geometry most of the day and am always looking for new ideas. I would love to get some information on some of your other units as well. I see the first 4 are listed here. Do you have information on your other units as well that I am missing?


    1. Bridget, I just never got around to posting anything after unit 4. I will try to do that soon!

    2. Thanks. It is always great to have example to look at. My students are really enjoying the INBs this year and your example have been awesome to look at.