Labeling Congruent Parts

I think my new obsession is going to be task cards. I tried my first set and I'm pretty sure that I will make a million over the summer for next year.

I've been wanting to incorporate more movement and conversation so I used them by taping them up randomly around the room. I made four per page so yay, less cutting for me!

Then I used my super cute clipboards and gave them four index cards. So they did four problems per card as they walked around the room. I've used this activity before but I've read a lot of different ways to use them so I guess I'm more excited about that.

I'm doing a section on labeling congruent parts which I've never done before but I think will be super helpful for proofs.

They are basically using the given to label triangles and then write congruence statements.

Here are the answer keys:


  1. This activity (Task Cards) looks really interesting and I think that I would like to try it in my classroom. Could you explain a little bit more about how the activity works? Or send me a link to a description someone else has written? Thanks so much!

    1. I tape the task cards up around the room but not in order so that there is a lot of movement.

      I assign the students a number to start with so they are not crowded up around the same problem.

      They take their clipboard to the number I gave them (they have to find it first), then they write that problem and it's number down. Then they just go find a new problem until they've finished all 16 problems. Then they sit down and I show the powerpoint slide by slide so they can check their answers.

      I don't make them go in numerical order, I just tell them they should go to a problem where other people are not. No need for traffic jams.

      That's pretty much it!