Algebra 2 Unit 1: Characteristics of Functions Interactive Notebook

Unit 1: Characteristics of Functions

Page 7- This foldable came from Kathryn Belmonte and you can see the pictures of each flap below.

Page 8 After learning the difference between a function and relation, students do this sorting activity and justify what makes it "not" a function. This sort came from Mrs. H.

Page 9- This notation foldable came from my friend Brooke Seals.

Page 10- This was a worksheet that I turned into an INB sorting activity. First they had to write in the different forms given only one piece of information. After that, they did the sorting and glued it in.

Page 11-12 - This DIX-ROY organizer came from Sarah Hagan and I'm not sure where I got the other graphs and domain and range.

Page 13-14 Increasing and decreasing intervals came from here. We labeled I and D but then highlighted the positive and negative parts.

Page 15-16 This operation with functions foldable came from Brooke Seals. The practice problems came on the RHP came straight from Kuta.

Page 17-18 Function Composition foldable on LHP came from Brooke Seals and practice problems on the RHP came from a worksheet that I don't remember the origins of- let me know if it's you!

Here are the files:

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