Made 4 Math #8 - Posters and Markers and Clothes Pins, Oh My

Three weeks ago @druinok made her sentence starters and I had planned on doing the same. I made them a little bit different (girly version, not girly version) and added in some other questions. I laminated them and taped them to the desk. My plan is to model the questions and get students in the habit of asking these type of questions as soon as possible. Then I will take them off the desk and print out a poster to hang up as a reminder.

I bought my file organizer to use for students who are absent. I realized I needed to label the sections but how could I do that since it was fabric? I used the cute little labels I got from Target, wrote on them side ways, and stuck them to clothes pins. Then I pinned each section and presto!  It bothers me a little that the stickers are wider than the clothes pin but I'm trying not to think about it.

I made some posters that you might have seen in the pictures of my classroom. They all came from quotes I saw on Pinterest and I just modified them to fit my personality and room. We also have a poster printer at school so that helps.

(Poster PDF's if you want them: dear students, don't quit, not okay, won't give up)

I bought these washable stamp markers to use when working in class and maybe during bell ringers as a knock off of Amy Gruen's green pen idea. $1 for 6 at the Dollar Tree.

And  that's all folks!


  1. Love the sentence stems! Just sent them off to print so I can put one at my podium and one at my doc cam! Love the posters as well, hadn't seen the mistakes one so I sent it to print as well! :)


  2. Love the posters.