Made 4 Math #7- Back to School Edition

Today was our first teacher institute day. I'm not very excited for this year and I don't really know why but at least I have a lot of cute stuff.

I found these silverware bins at the Dollar Tree and thought they would be perfect for supplies. I replaced my clear hanging gift bag idea with these because I think the bags would just be more trouble than they are worth. And the bins look so nice and neat. I used sticky foam letters from the Dollar Tree to label each bin because it just seemed like they should be labeled.

The bins say they are 12 inches long but they definitely are not. I put a measuring tape in the bins and decided to make my own Pringles can ruler holder. You guys didn't tell me the rulers only fit without the lid. :( I was disappointed but regardless, the can is pretty dang cute.
I found this pink glittery storage cart on wheels at a yard sale. Glittery pink is not really me but it was $2 and on wheels. You can never have too much storage. I organized a lot of my newest purchases to fit in here and that's about it.

Also, I bought a super cool clock. I like that it's big and it just seems mathy to me but the even better part is that you can customize it and put your own pictures in it! I take a lot of pictures and usually hang them up on the door to my room so I plan to customize the clock throughout the year as well. Yay for customizing.

Last but not least, I made an awesome poster for the outside of my door. I was inspired by a science poster on Pinterest but I wrote it and designed it all by myself.

It almost brings a tear to my eye.



  1. I LOVE your door poster! It's really a poster? Wow! I am inspired to "steal" and then modify to "make it my own." It will take some thinking.

    Cool clock - and customizable?! I saw an image of a clock recently where all of the numbers were actually numerical expressions.

    Finally, hooray for Dollar Stores - friends to teachers everywhere!

    Cindy W

  2. Love your craftiness and creativity. Love your letter even more. I, too, want to steal... =)

    All the best to you this school year!

  3. Awesome! Where did you get the clock?!

  4. I bought the clock from Target.

    Here is the link to the poster but I download the pencilPete font which probably won't show up on your computers.


  5. I absolutely love the door poster too!!

  6. Thanks ladies, feel free to steal it!

  7. I totally just printed the poster and posted it on my classroom doors. Great great idea! Tomorrow is my first day of classes, so I love that this is here to welcome them!