Made 4 Math #6 - Bonus Edition

Watch out people, I'm about to blow your minds.

Let's start with the easiest. This is not a craft, just an idea I like. I bought this small whiteboard with it's own magnetic eraser and marker to hang on the outside of my door.

That way when we go to the library/computer lab/outside I can leave a note in case a principal comes wandering by. Isn't the eraser adorable? I like the idea of a marker board because I wish people would leave me a note instead of interrupting my class. But I know the eraser and marker both will probably get stolen. That's ok, the board is my main concern.

Last year I checked homework for completion by walking around with my clipboard which I thought was awesome because it had a magnet on the back.

Also, I kept a master copy of whatever I was handing out to the class for each period to use as my guide. These often got mixed up with other random piles of papers which caused me distress.

Newly awesome clipboard to the rescue!

It opens up into a little storage bin.

Now I can keep my papers, keys, and pen inside and still use the outside as a clipboard! I attached a letter M (from Dollar Tree) to the back that can stand for Math or Miller and it's my favorite color. Winning.

Next up, using my Dollar Tree letters and my $1 Target pocket chart, I created my own version of Boggle or as my phone likes to call it, Scramble Free. I actually used the game on my phone to pick which letters to put in there so that there would actually be words in it.

I think it's so cute!

Now on to my shining achievement. I made @mathtastrophe's ZAP review game all by myself and for only $3. $1 letters, $1 black foam board, and $1 index cards all from Dollar Tree. I used the index cards to make library card pockets because I have never seen those in real life. I took one index card turned sideways and folded it around a vertical index card, taped it shut, and a pocket was formed.

I made 16 of these and taped them to the board. I used my letters (which have appeared in everything I've made) to spell out ZAP! on the top and then I printed out the numbers 1-16 in a table (so they would all be the same size) and cut them out. Isn't she lovely?

I used some of @mathtastrophe's ideas for cards and added some in of my own. I redid them into strips of paper that I could fold in half and stick in the pockets. I don't know why but this just seemed easier and like a good idea.

It's amazing what you can do when you're made and determined not to leave your room!

Here are the numbers 1-16 and the points cards/slips. In case you were wondering, I used the font Katy Berry...which I love.

Next up, I went to school the other day but a) my whiteboards (for the walls) have still not been installed b) my floors have still not been waxed therefore c) all my furniture is scattered down the hallway. I've already had a nightmare about this so it has to be fixed. I ended up volunteering to present at our in-service on technology in exchange for getting my room fixed up pronto!

I digress. Anyway, I did a few things around the room. I organized my tubs and expandable files from last week's post into one filing cabinet drawer: go me!

Then I created my fantastic bulletin board! I bought 16 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper which were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I bought a dry erase calendar from Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon so it ended up being $4.79. I ordered this green fabric file folder organizer from The Container Store which I am still kicking myself for not buying it when I was actually at The Container Store. I had just enough room to hang up my Boggle game pocket chart and ta-da:



  1. Wow! I love it ALL!!! I hope my Dollar Tree has your awesome letters, because I would love to recreate your Boggle board. So many inspiring ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lol! I love those storage clipboards. I have two of them. I feel kinda slow cuz I've NEVER been to the container store. I don't even know if there's one here in ATL.

  3. The Target pocket chart turned out cute! Good job on all of your creations! You might also check your Dollar Tree for the card pockets, that's where I get mine, although your ZAP game would have cost a bit more that way :) I love the Dollar Tree colored index cards.. I have 4 packs of them sitting beside me right now! :)

  4. Hello,
    it is really awesome, look very nice.I have posted your link on my Facebook profile.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello, Ellisa!
    I liked those storage clipboards. Thanks for sharing such amazing stuff.