Made 4 Math #3- Positive Behavior Punch Card

I saw an idea on Pinterest where an elementary teacher had ordered business cards from Vistaprint for different subjects and punched them after a certain achievement.

I thought it would be a nightmare for kids, especially elementary age, to try to keep up with all those different cards. What if the punch card was on a full sheet of paper that could then be put in their binder?

And so, my positive behavior punch card was born.

The stars are where you are supposed to punch and I used this format because a hole punch will only reach so far. :)

I chose six behaviors that I've either had problems with or want to increase. Here's what the boxes say:

Persevere in Problem Solving
I worked hard on a problem without giving up or complaining.
5 punches

Random Acts of Kindness
I chose to do something nice without anyone asking me to do it.
5 punches

I volunteered to work a problem on the board and explain.
3 punches

I explained or helped someone who needed help.
3 punches

I asked a good question that pertained to the math we were doing.
3 punches

Written Response
I wrote a thoughtful and detailed response with correct grammar and complete sentences.
3 punches

I'm planning on using this to give a quarterly participation grade. At the end of each quarter I will use the amount of punches to determine how many points out of 100 the student gets for their behavior in that quarter.

Here is the scale:
100- 22 punches
90- 17-21 punches
80- 11-15 punches
70- 5-10 punches
60- 0-4 punches

I also bought a star hole punch at Hobby Lobby (currently 40% off this week!) for $3.99 because it will be harder for students to fake a punch since it has to be in the shape of a star. And because it's cool.

Hopefully this might help some with classroom management, especially since it is focusing on positive behaviors and rewarding those who exhibit those behaviors.

Now let's talk logistics.

Although I could just keep them all myself and punch accordingly, I don't think the students would go for this. I think they should keep it in the front of their binder so I can easily punch when needed. I also think students will hold me accountable for giving them punches when they earn them.

But I easily see that this could be a disaster. Maybe I should only give it to my small classes? Although my big class is the class I will struggle with most. That's one reason I made it quarterly. They have nine weeks, almost 45 days to get 22 stamps. And they could get more than one a period so it's not like they must try to get one every single day.

I'm sure there will be students who will try to get all of their punches as soon as possible and maybe not participate as much the rest of the quarter. But everyone can't do that and of course there are always slackers who will wait to the end. I think it might balance out.

I only made this one grade a quarter worth 100 points because if students totally bomb it, it won't kill their grade. Some of the best students might never say a word but maybe this will be a small way to start to draw them out.

It will also hold me accountable to offering enough opportunities for students to actually get all of these punches.

I used pretty fonts that I've downloaded so on your computer it might look plain and boring. I'm sure you will want to edit it anyway so here is the file.

Prepare to punch!


  1. Great idea! You'll have to let us know how it works out throughout the school year!

  2. Some argue against such practices but I think this definitely works for students up to the age of 15/16....for various reasons!

    huzzah to you for such a pretty card! I think the logistics would be tricky though and perhaps you should trial with your smaller classes, as mentioned, or the class that needs it the most.

    I had a much simpler one of literally giving out star cards (small, laminated) which could be exchanged (linked) to the school merit system. Then, I also had Amazing cards for those that exceeded expectations. Read more about it here

    Recently, I tried Classdojo and that worked well for me as it's online. Kids can also check their status; parents can, too. There is a mobile app which I found a bit buggy or maybe it was my wifi that was a bit dodgy. Anyway, it's a good one to try. Read more about it here

    Point is, we keep trying and see what works so Good Luck! I hope yours work as intended!


  3. I love that you are focusing on the positive. Cool idea!

  4. This is great, I love the punch idea and it helps clarify to students what are valuable "moves" in the classroom. I am trying to figure out how you could get multiple people use the punch so you don't get bogged down by punching everyone's card. Maybe only punch some kids cards on some days?

    Great idea and thanks for sharing!

  5. Awesome, I made some tweaks but will definitely use this in my classroom!