My Teacher Bag

So druin made me totally jealous by posting about her new teacher bag but not actually taking it out of the package! She got it from Thirty One which made me think of my own Thirty One lunch bag so I decided to share my own teacher bag and lunch bag pictures.

First up is my teacher bag. I absolutely love it.

I bought this from Amazon and it's made by Fash Unlimited. (Here is the link but it is currently unavailable.) I paid $23.99 for it and that was a year ago.

It has three sections- one for my laptop (a 17 inch), one for my power cord and external hard drive, and one for my papers I need to to bring home. There is an inside zipper pocket that I use for flash drives and binder clips and an outside zipper pocket that I use for pens and markers. 

Yes, I carry my laptop home every night so I have to have a bag that will hold it. This bag has long handles so I can carry it over my shoulder, the material is thick (it's already held up for over a year), and it's super dog cute! Red is one of our school colors and plus, I just love a colorful bag. 

Next up is my Thirty One lunch bag.

This style is called Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote (item D) and is $24. It comes in 7 different prints and this one is called Lotsa Dots. The nice thing about Thirty-One is that their prints are common so you can order a whole room full of stuff that coordinates (my life goal)! It has a drawstring on the inside (that I never use), two handles, and has that silver thermal lining stuff. It's really easy to wipe out if you spill anything (ask me how I know) and I have had it about 6 months and it doesn't look dirty or worn or anything. 

My favorite part is that it's expandable so it can fit all your weird shaped frozen dinners or plastic containers. I can fit a Marie Callender's frozen dinner in here along with silverware, a 24 ounce water bottle, and my strawberry kiwi sugar free Jell-o. =) In my opinion, it holds A LOT.

I totally have the cutest lunch bag in the lounge...if you know what I mean. =)