#TMC12 Leftovers

I found some more notes from #tmc12 that I want to type up before I lose them

On problem solving...

Teach students to rephrase word problems to increase understanding, whether the problem is badly worded or not. You are teaching a new skill set and a new way of taking ownership.

Create the AHA! moment in class then send home the glue that holds it together.

People store things in their brains based on similarities but access them based on differences. When we teach similar concepts (latitude/longitude, parallel/perpendicular, convex/concave, elevation/depression) on the same day, students cannot later remember the difference.

It's misleading to talk about slope as on thing when it is really the relationship between two things. Why do we teach slope out of context and without units?

How do you take things that are not in context and make meaning out of them?

On Dan Pink's 'Drive' (flow)...

We need to help students enter the 'flow state' as often and as long as possible.

Purpose is necessary but not sufficient for every learner.

Cultivate autonomy- disrupt student expectations through alternative activity structures.

By focusing their conscious attention, we give then unconscious attention a chance to tap into flow.

Honor the courage it takes for students to show up every day for something that's not their strong suit.

Invent opportunities for student self-investment.

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