Made 4 Math #2- Hanging File Folders

A while back druin posted pictures of her bulletin boards and I was immediately jealous of her hanging file.

I was immediately jealous.

She sent me two links (here and here) on how to make your own using duct tape and file folders. I kind of combined both methods I guess and I will try to explain.

First I decided what order I wanted my colored folders to be in (I hate orange so it's at the bottom and I have a lot of green in my room so it goes on top.

Each folder is tucked inside each other like so.

I measured about 4 and a quarter inches down and then started taping the blue folder inside of the orange one.

Then I flipped down the blue folder and taped the red folder inside of the blue one.

I continued up, taping each folder inside of the previous one. Next, I turned all the folders over so that I could tape along the top of each folder.

For some reason, some of my folders were wider than others even though they all came from the same box. So next I had to tape the sides. I tried to tape down half on the folder and half hanging over so that I could bend it around the back. It worked...kinda.

I added long vertical strips of tape to the back to make it a bit more sturdy. Then I added horizontal strips of tape across the top and bottom of the front side to make it all come together. I stuck some paper in there just to make sure it would fit. It does. Yay.

I even stood it up against the wall just to see if it would.

I plan on hanging it up on my bulletin board so I will be able to use extra thumb tacks for added support.

My plan is to put papers in there for students who are absent so they can just grab them and go. Last year I hung them on the board with magnets but that took up to much board space.

I'm not in love with it and I still might buy one but....it will do.


  1. Love the idea. I think I will add this to my room this fall. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it turned out really cute!!! Yay for #made4math!

  3. great idea! i can do this!

  4. Not my favorite project but hopefully it will work for you guys.

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