Made 4 Math #4- Clear Tote Becomes Cute Tote

I'm only doing this because I hate to break my routine.

This will not be awesome. You've been warned.

I have a lot of random papers from meetings and lessons and conferences etc that I don't necessarily want to throw away but don't really know where to keep.

As of now they are messily stacked on a bookshelf. I was looking for a nice basket that I could shove them all into and hide the messiness but it was hard because I'm cheap.

I finally found this clear tote at Hobby Lobby that was like $8 and of course I used my 40% coupon to get it even cheaper.

Then I bought some teal zebra striped scrapbook paper (12 x 12) and taped four pieces around the inside of the tote. I trimmed the top with scissors and then also taped the tops.


A cute tote.


  1. I think it turned out great! I enjoyed meeting you in St. Louis at TMC12.

  2. Thanks ladies!

    Good to meet you too, I hope to see some more comments from you!

  3. I have a tote like that, never thought of covering it in paper though! Thanks for sharing :)