Year 7.

Today was my first day back of year seven. We start at 1 with meetings until 4:45, we eat, then 5:30-7:00 is Back to School Night with parents rotating through sessions.

If your Back to School Night is well planned and well attended, be grateful. The end.

As always, my classroom is my happy place and my home away from home so it has to reflect me and that means chevron! Color coordinating! Organization! Clean! Shiny! Smelly good! Clutter free!

Here's what my classroom looks like:





Here's what my class schedule looks like:

1 Geometry (17)
2 Trig (8)
3 Algebra I (13)
4 Geometry (14)
5 Algebra II (7)
6 Algebra II (20)
7 Plan
8 Algebra III (7) a.k.a. the made up name for the made up class I'm teaching for the first time.

Here's what my back to school outfit looks like:

Good night and a great year to everyone.

Don't forget to be more awesome!


  1. Your classroom is gorgeous! It must be a fun place to hang out as a student. Have a fun year.

  2. Love your room! Great, calming colors!

  3. Thanks ladies, it's all of my favorite things!

  4. Love your hair! & door! Is that paint or tape? I really like the play on Instagram, it's a fun way to have classroom pictures & would also be a fun place to put memes :) jealous of your class sizes but not of the number of preps you have!!!