#TMC15 My Favorites

My Favorites
TMC 2015
Claremont, CA


Diana Fesmire- doctoral research study survey on people who blog, read blogs, or comment on blogs. Take it!!

Judy Larsen
Bit.ly/judy15study- contact info agreeing to talk with Judy. Take it!

Jonathan Claydon
"Varsity Math"- became a things with t-shirts, stickers, a sidewalk star, and Saturday laser tag

Chris Shore
Neuron stickers on a giant brain to reward the process, not the answer
'Brain surgeon' is like the captain of the class and leads discussion and writes the 'wrinkle sprinkle' (what they learned that day) on the board.


Tina Palmer
Organizing personals whiteboards by using plastic sleeves from EAI, Velcro to close, teach etiquette for students to roll their marker inside an eraser cloth, and use automotive shop ticket holders from Amazon as a cheaper alternative.

Glenn Waddell
Greet students at the door with a high five! "You're walking in my classroom and that's awesome!" We teach people, not math! I'm committing to doing this also this year!

Heather Kohn
Use a 3d printer to print 3d versions of their culminating project of graphing equations and inequalities.

Chris Shore
Rally for Roatan, Honduras service trip to bring supplies, hygiene necessities, and fitness education. Mathprojects.com

Anna Blinstein
Google classroom-paperless assignments, searchable digital drive archive of work, integration with Google, available on any device

Eli Luberhoff
Desmos updates- activity builder at teacher.desmos.com/activitybuilder
Resources found at bit.ly/desmosbank


Dan Anderson
Bit.ly/MyFavoriteMyFavorite Have students present their own 'My Favorite' math topic for two minutes at the beginning of class. Use math munch as a resource or post announcements in Google classroom.

Denis Sheeran
Google unanswerable questions. Screenshot half of a question and insert into cells in Google sheet. Unanswerable question chooser.

Brian Miller
Real World Math

#1TMCthing We will commit to making one change to our classroom and tweet it!

Bob Lochel
Egg Simulation
Is it better to go first or second? How does the probability change after each egg is chosen? Use movie and TV clips to teach probability, not just dice and cards.

Matt Baker
Bit.ly/firstlikethird A place to collect basic misconceptions that we say that confuses kids.
DeltaMath- problem bank with easy to use interface that keeps score or grades their progress, gives detailed student data, high score board, cheat detector, gives answers and example problems, also has a place for written assignments

Julie Reulbach
Kahoot Connections- spreadsheet of Kahoot users 

Karim Ani
New graphs on Mathalicious 


Andy Pethan
Ultimate Frisbee stats simulation spreadsheet- http://goo.gl/GFcnKz
Stats concept on farmers and plots http://goo.gl/wFnCFn

Stephanie Bowyer
Algebra Art Project- draw a picture in demos using graphs

Matt Vaudrey
Music cues- you can save 23 hours a year in your classroom by using music cues for transitions. Music mandates wait time and gives an internal locus of control, it turns control over to the music. The song is now the a**hole! Start out with one song at a time until they have it and then add another. It's important to not talk over the song. mrvaudrey.com/music

Princess Choi (shout key links)
Student created videos- A boring lesson in person is also boring online. Only top students watch the teacher videos usually before or during tests. If students can just look up something on my test, it's not the devices fault, maybe I asked a dumb question. Have students create their own videos and comment on each other's work.

Amy Zimmer
Angle Sum Formulas for Sine and Cosine Or How I Got Eli Luberhoff to Do Burpees
Folding stuff (didn't understand this at all so just look at these pictures)

John Golden
Bit.ly/TMCtumblr Join Tumblr!

John Mahlstedt
Something About the Apocalypse

Here's a video of all the My Favorites from Sunday!

Saving the best for last....they rewrote the lyrics to Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA. It was sooo clever and well done, as always, and I heart it.

Party in the TMC (lyrics)

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