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I LOVE the Remind App and I use it often. I know we've talked about it on Twitter some but it seems like more of my blog readers are not my Twitter friends. I wanted to share how I use it in case someone hasn't heard of it yet.


  • students just need to text a code to a number (don't need a smartphone or the app)
  • students cannot reply to me
  • students don't see my number and I don't see theirs
  • no messages can ever be deleted
  • every message is saved to your message history
  • you can have multiple classes
  • you can schedule your messages to send at a normal person time
  • you can include emojis, pictures, links, and calendar events
  • you can send messages from website or app
  • easily delete students out of class lists

  • there is a chat feature which I do not think is appropriate but I have never turned it on or used it
  • tweeted Remind company about this and they defended their choice which made me unhappy
  • every tine students get new numbers they have to subscribe again (it can't be helped but still annoying)

Set up:
  • I print my Remind code and numbers (different code for each class period, cheerleading, and Student Council onto address labels that I give to students on the first day. They stick it on everything from notebooks, to phones, to clothes, to body parts, but it gives them *less* of an excuse to forget.

Ways I've Used It:
  • Class- reminders for every quiz and test, reminders of early dismissals, threats reminders of when I am absent and they have a sub, reminders to buy composition notebooks at the beginning of school, reminders about progress reports and exams, answer math trivia questions for candy (to motivate subscribing at the beginning)
  • As a Student Council Sponsor- reminders of when applications are due, reminders of meetings, reminders to all students of assemblies/school events/ dress up days, open-ended questions for members to think about before next meeting, reminders to get permission slips signed
  • As a Cheer Coach- reminders of practice. weekend or holiday games, reminders to get physicals and insurance forms turned in, reminders for money due dates, reminders of what to bring to games

Ways I've Heard of Using It
  • Principals having staff subscribe and sending out reminders
  • Committees using it to send out reminders
  • Teachers creating separate parent groups
  • Teachers having parents also subscribe to class group

Ask me questions!

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