That's My #MTBoS

In an effort to show gratitude, on Wednesday night we, the #MTBoS, were encouraged to shout out people we were thankful for.

I've been on Twitter since 2009 and these people literally created and continue to shape who I am as a teacher.


Twenty-five different people who have affected my teaching. Some who knew it, some who didn't.

You don't even know all of the things you need to know yet.

You don't know the people you need yet.

So whatever excuses you have...be selfish for a minute. You need these people. You need to grow in ways you don't know. You need to get to places you can't get to on your own.

I  'praised' 25 people and got 9 responses. But that makes sense to me because I have been taking from these people for almost a decade- so I have the most to give. Sow before you reap. Give first. Whether that is in the form of asking questions, writing blog posts, liking tweets, etc.

You are worth the investment.

Show up. Shout out. Participate. Give. Steal.

If you have any interest in improving your craft, in being more than you are, in having a renewed energy for your profession, you are in. You belong.

You are needed.

You are necessary.

And I am grateful for you...because neither of us know right now how we will change each other.

And if I could explain #MTBoS and the #TMC experience and blogging and community...I couldn't. But luckily, someone else did a pretty good job.

That's my #MTBoS.

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