2017-2018 New Year's Resolutions

This week's prompt is Goals; click the picture above for more information on this weekly blogging challenge.

My mantra for the year is: add layers of new to the foundation you love!


  • Incorporate #VNPS once per unit
  • Incorporate a debate prompt of some sort once per unit
  • Upgrade interactive notebook pages whenever possible to be succinct and easy to follow independently
  • Make better use of Google Classroom
  • Bring back concept attainment, my favorite way to teach!
  • Amplify voices in the #MTBoS, even when my voice seems silent

  • Keep doing the daily workouts I've been somewhat enjoying this summer
  • Save money ahead of time for things like birthday and Christmas...they aren't surprises
  • Keep my magic sparkles fueled on a daily basis!

Professionally and Personally
  • Sprinkle my #MTBoS magic wherever I go while doing my best to see and bring out the magic in others

While I have felt a huge burst of confidence professionally in the past weeks, I've been working on it personally for years. Some changes I've made recently and will continue to do:
  • Daily scripture journaling
  • The only Bible reading plan I've ever stuck with
  • Walking 12,000+ steps a day
  • Having everything ready to go for the next morning before I leave school
  • Lesson planning on Saturdays to free up my weeknights
  • Keeping the Sabbath (Sundays for me)..."A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"
  • Laying out my clothes/accessories/shoes and packing my lunch/bag the night before 
Happy New Year!


  1. I needed to read this post! This year will be different. It will be more organized, fulfilling, and uplifting.