No Sew Intruder Curtains

This idea came from Pinterest and I added nothing of my own to this. But when I went back to read the directions, the blogger made her blog private.

Luckily I have a really good memory and found one diagram from the post still on Pinterest. The empty stars here represent paper clips and the solid stars represent binder clips. My numbers are different since my window is different.

So I am not taking credit for this but I want to give directions in case you can't find them anywhere else. All pictures below are mine.

Supplies Needed

  • 1 Dowel Rod
  • Two Command Hooks
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • 4 Small Binder Clips
  • 8 Large Paper Clips 
  • Spray Paint (optional)

First measure the window you need to cover. Your fabric needs to be wider than the window. The fabric needs to be at least twice the length of your window.

I have a long skinny window which measurse 6 inches by 24 inches. Since fabric comes in a 36 inch length that means I needed two yards so I would have more than 48 inches. The width of the fabric is 45 inches so I left it folded in half for a width of 22.5 which is still WAY wider than my 6 inch window.

I bought chevron fabric from Wal-Mart for $2.50 a yard which was WAY cheaper than Hobby Lobby.

Width wise, calculate how much you need to fold. My fabric folded in half was 22.5 and my window is 6 inches. I upped that to 8 inches to make sure you couldn't see through the sides.

Do some math:

22.5 - 8 = 14.5

14.5 cut in half = 7.25

This means I need to fold the left side and right of the curtain over 7.25 inches. If this seems complicated, cut a piece of paper the width of your window and lay in the center. Then fold each side over.

Use two small binder clips on each end to clip your folds firmly.

Then use 4 paper clips on each side, evenly space, to hold the shape of your curtain.

Next you need your dowel rod. I found this pack of assorted sizes at Wal-Mart for $.98 and used the largest size. Of course I had to pain it teal.

Lay this in the middle of your fabric. Then fold the fabric in half over your dowel rod. Starting at the binder clip ends, line them evenly and roll tightly toward the dowel road.

Now you need ribbon. This is my favorite teal ribbon from Dollar Tree which also comes in many other colors and is the best deal anywhere. (It's near the flowers and vases.)

Tie the ribbon around your curtain roll and leave as much extra as you think looks nice. Double knot your bow.

Last thing is to place your two command hooks above your window. If you use the 3/16 dowel rod that I used, you can't use those little clear hooks. Check this first!

Once your command hook is hanging, the dowel rod sits nicely and your rolled up curtain is ready to go!

Pull the ribbon to unroll. Since we left our binder clips and paper clips attached, everything stays in place making it easy to roll back up when needed.


  1. If you double knot the bow, how can you easily pull the ribbon to release the curtain?

    1. It just does? Feel free to just tie it once.

  2. You must have been looking at the same blog that I was. I found a pin on Pinterest and couldn't access it because it was private, how unhelpful LOL. Thank you so very much for posting yours I am glad that I stumbled on it.