Dollar Tree Privacy Folders

Last year I used cute manila folders as dividers by attaching two of them together. They fell down often, especially when the fan was on, and sometimes fell apart.

Over the summer I found a new idea on Pinterest using dollar tree three-fold boards.

I bought 10 boards for $10 and spray painted them silver. I thought I might need a little less teal in my life. I know, I know. What was I thinking? I don't know if it was metallic paint or the Krylon paint but the paint rubbed off every time I touched it and did NOT cover well.

So I returned to my default...teal and chevron.

After letting them dry a couple days, I cut them in half with a razor blade, using an
 L-square ruler.

I only sprayed the outside brown cardboard part and the inside was already plain white. Next, I covered the cut edge of each board with duck tape. Last year I bought chevron duck tape in different colors but this summer I couldn't find ANY. Until I found some for $.89 a roll here! The shipping price was kinda high considering I ummm bought 10 rolls but it still average out to about $2 a roll and it's super strong.

The duck tape was the hardest part! I put it with top half sticking above the top edge. Then I cut small slits where the board folds.

Then I folded the top half over the edge. I also did the sides which wasn't necessary but it sure is cute!

Then I decided it would be nice to hang something on the inside of each board. I decided to make formula sheets for each course and post them all inside. 

This is the part where I tell you I printed and laminated 60 pieces of paper which took 3 hours to trim and cut and another three hours to put sticky foam squares on the back.

I did all of this over the course of a month and a half and somewhere through that time I bought a cardboard box at a yard sale for a quarter.

Weirdly enough, it was the perfect size to hold all of my dividers. You know where I'm going with this right?

You guessed it, it got the royal treatment as well!

One last thing to complete the look.

P.S. Sorry I turned the camera halfway through these pictures.

P.P.S. It took 5 cans of spray paint for 10 boards.

P.P.P.S. It was worth it!


  1. These are great! I like the idea, from another teacher, of putting up growth mindset quotes on the inside of the privacy folders.
    Math to the 7th Power

    1. I also thought about putting funny memes on there too.

  2. I am totally stealing this! Where did you find the rustoleum spray paint?

    1. Wal-Mart, Lowes, Menards, pretty much anywhere