#EduRead Trial Run

This week we will be reading the article'Advanced Math? Write!' from the November 2002 edition of Educational Leadership. The theme of the magazine was Reading and Writing in the Content Areas and this article presents an easy to implement way to encourage writing in the math classroom.

My thoughts:

In an effort to integrate writing into our classrooms naturally and in a way that is easy to assess, could we:

  • Ask students to pick one problem from every quiz/test and explain the process in words.
  • As a review (or when a substitute is there), give them a random page number from their INB and ask them to summarize the concept/process in writing.
  • Ask students to write a monthly reflection of something pertaining to class: a test, a quiz, a review game, an activity, a worksheet, seating arrangement, etc. This would also double as interesting feedback to the teacher.
  • As an exit slip, write a summary of the lesson in text/slang or every day language and have them rewrite technically with correct vocabulary.
  • On a test or quiz, give them a graph, diagram, chart, or table (pertaining to current classwork) and ask them to write everything they know about it, using as much vocab as possible.
  • For those that use word walls, have them randomly pick two words and compare and contrast.
  • Give a problem that is worked out incorrectly and have them to explain and correct the error in words only.
That's the best I can do in a way that feels natural to my teaching.

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