#EduRead How Am I Doing?

This week we will be reading the article 'How Am I Doing?' from the September 2012 edition of Educational Leadership. The theme of the magazine was Feedback for Learning and this article is about how to provide effective feedback to our students.

My thoughts:

  • How in the world is there time to regularly give such in-depth feedback to students? 
  • I need to work on starting class with "here is your goal of the day" and ending it with "did you accomplish our goal?"
  • Do we give a lot of this feedback verbally without realizing it? Students have no 'hard copy' to refer back to.
  • Could we use gallery walks as a way for students to give and get immediate feedback but take some of the toll off of us?
  • For those that have a lot of board space, sending as many students to the board to practice helps us as teachers see more at once and give verbal feedback with the immediate opportunity for students to use the feedback.
  • I read in the archive about asking advanced student for suggestions; we just read in the article that those students have no problem doing this. We need to ask the struggling students what feedback would help them if those are the ones that need this the most.
  • How can we make feedback social? Read Michael Pershan's "Immediate Feedback Is Too Soon For Feedback"


  1. Gallery walks are a great idea which I do not use enough. Also sending multiple students to the board is so clever. I could ask three students to all attack the same question on different parts of the board and then I can give feedback and the whole class can discuss what they see. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Let me know how it goes.