Teacher Tool Box

Turn this

Into this!

I first read about this idea here and I went out that weekend and bought it. It is called the Stack-On 22-Drawer Storage Cabinet from Lowe's for $16.97.

I bought 12x12 scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby (half-off) because I couldn't find any in the 8x10 size that I liked.

I used the font Mail Ray Stuff and the template below. I cut the 12x12 paper down to 8x10 and was able to fit everything on two sheets.

I cut them out and just used a tiny strip of scotch tape on each side of the label to secure it to the front of each drawer. I also spray painted it teal.

Here are a few warnings: The drawers can be a little warped but still function okay, the drawers are NOT long enough for pencils, I could fit grading pens and sharpies only by turning them diagonal, and you should fill the drawers up before making your labels so you know what will actually fit in them!

They make these in different sizes so my next project may be making one for my makeup.