Parent Support

I often hear about parent volunteers in the elementary grades but I can't even imagine what I would have a parent volunteer do if I had one.

I always hear schools and teachers ask for parent involvement but I never know what that would look like for me.

I've been reading these pamphlets from The Master Teacher from 2005 and I really like them. It listed nine things all parents can do. I think it's a very practical, concrete list that could build positive relationships between parents, students, and teachers.

  1. Help students be in class and on time every day. 
  2. Urge you child to show their "best side" at school; have a positive, "will try hard" attitude all the time.
  3. Emphasize that listening and learning to take directions pays off.
  4. Stress organization and tidiness.
  5. Urge your child to be teachable; insist  that they not waste opportunities or reject advantages.
  6. Help students to not waste time denying mistakes but to learn from them.
  7. Encourage your children to work at getting along with others.
  8. Treat others as you would like to be treated; showing respect and concern for others will improve their own chances of success.
  9. Expect them to think- think before acting, apply what is being learned, solve problems.

I feel like I should make a handout and mail it to all my students' parents. How many would actually read it or keep it? How many might take offense to it?

Or maybe I should make it a handout for students? But then again...see aforementioned questions.

How do I make stuff that hits homes with me hit home with others?


  1. I think that's a great list, and I don't think parents would take offense to it. I include a similar list at the start of the year on my syllabus and ask parents to go over it with their student. Then they're supposed to sign it.

    1. Thanks for your response.

      Do you think parents just sign it without reading it? How could we use lists like these to make more of an impact?