Made 4 Math #17 Relations and Functions Foldable

First, I made a very basic grade sheet for my students to keep track of their grades. I'm tired of looking it up over and over or seeing the looks on their faces when they realize I don't have every single one of their grades memorized...similar to the look they get when they realize I can do mental math. *gasp*

This is nothing fancy at all but maybe there is someone who can't figure out how to make tables yet, or who doesn't want my grade sheet but is now inspired to make their own, or who just happens to need this file on the exact day they read this post (love when that happens!).


Now to my real creation. I loved Nora Oswald's post about a relations and functions foldable. I had just finished that in Algebra II and realized how nice a foldable would have been to tie all that information together. Since I am now teaching functions in Algebra I, I modified her foldable so that it works for our interactive student binders.

I typed in the main stuff (text stolen from Nora) so that the real work of the students is to create the examples and non-examples which to me, seems like the higher order thinking I want to accomplish. If you decide to use this, when you fold the top down, do not fold exactly in half. Instead only fold to the bottom of the dotted line. Then you have space to write the title and everything fits nicely.

The students also label the outside flaps, which are created by cutting on the top dotted lines only. This gets them thinking a bit because they have to decide the difference between each flap.

My student teacher is using this today in her first lesson so I will try to update my post later tonight with pictures and whatnot. She will be teaching domain and range so we went ahead and put those blanks on the foldable as well.

Now presenting:

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