Made 4 Math #14 Ships in the Ocean

I stole Pam Wilson's Hole Punch Game idea and used it to review the difference between functions and relations. I'm excited to use my new star hole punch!
Here's the directions per her blog post:
  1. Students work in teams.
  2. Each student will complete his/her own work.
  3. When everyone has completed 1 problem – they compare answers – to determine which is correct and will be used for the group answer.
  4. All team members run over to teacher. Teacher checks solution:
    • If correct, hole punch the outer edge of the problem, students return to work space and continue to next problem.
    • If incorrect, they return to workspace and rework.
  5. She also suggested staggering which # each team begins working on.
The teacher who shared said this accomplishes 3 things:
  1. Students must talk / agree on a solution.
  2. Students are physically up and moving.
  3. Sure you could put a check mark, stamp it, etc. but the sound / click of the hole – punch (or stapler) does something crazy and the students - especially for those who are struggling are motivated to keep on working.  Weird, huh?
There are two pages and a total of 16 problems.

In Pam's same post, she mentions Mrs. H's Ghosts in the Graveyard review game. So I kinda stole that for the next concept review of writing domain and range in set and interval notation. But, I decided to modify it since Halloween is still far off. Fortunately for me, Columbus day is right around the corner of the weekend which means I created....

Ships in the Ocean! Here is the direction per her blog post:

1. Divide class into groups of 3-4 students
2. Give each group a problem card
3. Every member of the group works the problem and raises their hand when they are done. You go over and check their work and answers. If EVERYONE has done the problem correctly, they get a "little ghost" which they put their group number on and hang in any one of the graveyards.
4. As they finish a "Problem Card", they go get another one. The goal is get as many "little ghosts" as possible to hang in the graveyards.
5. About 10 minutes before the end of the period, I draw for how many points each graveyard will be worth. I use 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100. So if graveyard 2 is worth 50 points and a group had 2 ghosts in that graveyard, they will get 100 points.
6. Tally all the points for the groups and give prizes to 1st and 2nd.

Since I made ships in the ocean, I will be naming all 5 oceans rather than graveyards....how perfect!

The above document has mini sailboats at the bottom but I later decided I wanted ships in color that I could laminate and reuse so this is my second sheet of ships (say that 5 times fast) that I like even better. Everybody needs a little pirate...or a big one.

I'm thinking that I will probably blog these two games again separately so I can add in pictures and notes about how the game went during class.

Check back later this week....or maybe next week. ;)


  1. As a newbie to algebra ii, do you ever post answer keys :-)

    1. No, not usually. Most of the time I forget to even make them which is not highly recommended! I'll try to remember to start posting those

  2. Awesome change up!

  3. Instead of "Ghosts in the Graveyard" I did "Fall Leaves on the Trees" a couple of weeks ago. Definitely not as pretty as your ships!