Made 4 Math #16 Picture Frame Stations

I know other people have posted picture frame stations before but mine is a little different. I was teaching function composition in Algebra 2 and I started by making students wear function necklaces (nod to @jreulbach) and just working a lot of examples. I thought it would make a good visual of which function to evaluate first but I couldn't really keep talking about one boys function and putting it inside of another boy's function for very long...

The next day I set up function composition stations. I bought 5 x 7 plastic frames from Wal-Mart for $.95 each. I used big colored index cards to write the functions on. I gave students a worksheet that had four boxes per station. Two boxes were problems asking students to compose functions and write a new expression and the other two asked them to compose functions and evaluate for a number.

I varied them a bit, for example, an f of f, a station with three functions where they only used two at a time, etc.

I also bought tiny 3 x 5 frames and used 3 x 5 index cards (color coded to the big ones of course) and worked out each problem. The answer cards went inside the small frame which were neatly tucked inside the larger frame. I chose a leader for each station, based on who seemed to catch on the quickest during class the day before. Everyone worked the problem at the same time and then the leader would show the answer card and answer any questions.

The logistics worked okay but it didn't suit the concept too well; they're really struggling with it. I probably should have done some cut and paste activity where they literally replace....ooh I might just have planned tomorrow's lesson in my brain!

Anyway, two other things to share. One, I found this parent teacher conference rubric on Pinterest and minus the dorky school bus picture, you can use this for any content area and any age level. Yay.

Two, for my grad class I had to create an assessment plan so I thought I would share what I have. You can download my template or read mine and let it make you think a little more deeply about how often you are truly assessing.



The end.


  1. Thanks for all of your ideas, but thanks especially for your assessment plan! That seems to be the big topic of the month for our planning teams, so I will definitely share your formal plan. You're right--it does make me think of how often I assess!

  2. Yay, I'm glad you think it's useful! It's just sitting in my binder for now...

  3. Love the pic frames! I looked at getting a document frame to hold a full piece of paper, but it was $6 for one! I need at least 6. Too much! I could easily adapt to 5x7 frames. Thanks!

  4. looks really great. Thanks for sharing!