Made 4 Math #15 Foldables

I wanted to share two foldables I've used so far.

One is ripped off of Sarah Rubin's Words into Math foldable that I modified to fit on a regular piece of paper rather than into a composition notebook.

I displayed this slide with key words in it and we wrote them in the correct places.

I like the idea of keeping this all year and adding more words to it as we come across them. Here's the download:

In Algebra II we made a foldable for Operations with Functions. On the outside flaps we wrote how to do each operation and things to remember (i.e. don't add exponents when combine like terms).

We made this after I taught those concepts so I had students go back to their notes and pick out two examples of each to write  on the inside. Just one small way to show that our notes have a purpose. Here's the download:

If you notice, function composition is on here as well. I haven't taught it yet but I noticed when I folded the foldable, the back was split up nicely into four squares as well. I threw the title on there and now we can add to that this week.


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