7 Things Every Math Teacher Should Use

My favorite teaching quote:

A good teacher is like a candle - consuming itself to light the way for others.

My favorite teaching book:

Also my favorite teaching movie:

My favorite teaching blog:
I Want To Teach Forever

My favorite lesson I've taught:
My favorite math website:
My favorite pens to grade with:
PaperMate Flair

(They don't bleed and come in amazing colors!!)



  1. Thanks for the props! I really appreciate it. This year I started using a highlighter to grade things because it stands out, doesn't bleed and is dark enough (it's pink, I admit) to not burn the retinas.

    My favorite teaching movie, which I vehemently believe is also the greatest teaching movie ever, is School of Rock.

  2. A highlighter would be a good idea as long as it wasn't the thick tipped kind! I've seen parts of School of Rock but not the whole thing. I guess I will have to watch it now...and take notes. Seriously.