Key to Ignition

Do you ever wish that you could gain insights on how to deal with your students? Just the right thing to do to touch each individual?

Do you want to come up with creative lesson plans that actually work - lessons the students enjoy and actually learn?

Do you want that uniqueness that sets you apart from other teachers and causes students to want to take your class?

Do you want students, parents, colleagues, and the administration to see something different in you?

Do you want to stand out, make a difference, and change the world?

Me too.
I think the answer to all these questions and more are completely available. I know there are thousands, probably millions of blogs out there. Thousands of education blogs. Hundreds of math blogs. Hundreds of high school math blogs. But how many out there are about Spirit-led high school math teachers? I believe the Holy Spirit has an entire realm of creativity for educators. It's available. I want to tap into it. Imagine, the whispers in your heart from the creator of the very children you are teaching. Who knows them better?

"A good teacher is like a candle - consuming itself to light the way for others." This is one of my favorite quotes. I was thinking about it's meaning...We are the candles but the students are the wick and the Lord is the flame. We surround the students and hold them up. We are their support and protection. But we must get out of the way in order for the students to burn. As the candle melts, the wick grows taller. But the Lord is the flame.

How can I ignite each student? It is the Lord that ignites. But since I am the candle, part of the process, I believe that the Lord gives me the key to ignition. The sooner they ignite, the longer they burn.

Where are your keys?

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