The Beginning of Something Beautiful

I love blogging. I love reading. I love writing. I love math. I love teaching.

Therefore, this blog exists.

Let me introduce myself. I am 22 years old. I graduated college in December 2008 with my Bachelor of Science in High School Education. My major is math. I'm better at English but Math is what interests me. Plus English comes naturally to me so I can't explain it as well. Math, I've struggled with. I know that beast.

I am currently substitute teaching at my old high school. It is so crazy and undpredictable. I go from Kindergarten to first grade guided reading to high school chemistry to gym class to after school tutoring. I think it's giving me priceless experience with classroom management, flexibility, and dealing with the unexpected. By the time I'm done subbing, I will probably have met every student in the school. That goes a long way for building relationship.

I have always wanted to be a teacher. When I was little, I made my little sisters play school with me. I had my own chalkboard, chalk, and eraser. They were too young to write so I would make up my own assignments just so I could grade them and, you guessed it, make my own gradebook. I was always the teacher's pet in school and my parents would always share my dorkiness at my parent-teacher conference. So of course my teachers would call on me even more or put me in the front of the class because they knew my plans. I would come home from school and tell my mom I wanted to be a teacher so I could show my teachers how to do it right. Still feel that way. And of course, my number one reason: I wanted my own classroom to decorate. Oh, how straight my priorities were.

Being an older sister definitely made me a leader at home. This carried into the rest of my life and made me sort of a mini-mom. I've always been a leader at home, school, church. Mostly that comes from my perfectionism and believing that no one can do it as well as I could, so I might as well get started doing it. Inferiors.

I love organizing. I like alphabetizing, color coordinating, measuring, data entry, charts, graphs, and so on. I love rearranging and being creative. I match my underwear, jewelry, and eye shadow to my outfit and put my dollars in order from least to greatest facing the same direction. Order makes like easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I love talking. I share every detail of my life with someone. Usually my mom or anyone on the street that has two ears. You know, whatever. I love storytelling, making jokes, imitating people, faking accents, and quoting lines from movies. It just makes life more interesting.

I love learning. Once I find something that interests me I google it , read blogs about it, look up pictures, ask questions, and talk to every person I know about it, just in case they have a different opinion. I have an obsessive love for books which may feed the obsession for learning. Not sure.

I am hilarious. I don't know what it is, but I have this crazy ability to talk about very boring situations in an extremely funny fashion. (It's all in the details.) I am witty. I can snap back comebacks faster than a boomerrang rubberband. And that is fast people! Humor is the #1 way to break the ice and make people like you. It comes in very handy in a high school class room and takes away some of those awkward silences. But trust me, where I am concerned, there's plenty of awkie.

In conclusion, I believe that all the aforementioned ingredients make a pretty original recipe for a teacher aka masterpiece. If I could bottle this up and sell it, I would not do it. But, I had you going for a minute. Sorry to crash your hopes so quickly, but I couldn't let you think that you could actually reach my level of skillz. Yes, that is right. Not the regular skills but skillz. It's that serious. Forutnately, I am not.

Stay tuned for the funniest moments in life.


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