Earlier this year I introduced function transformations through absolute value functions. I always feel like this is such an obvious lesson but I didn't get that same feeling from my students. They could see it when they looked at graphs and equations but not just by looking at an equation.

I originally called this dry erase build-a-function because I was going to have students just write equations on their desk. Then I decided to actually make them pieces to literally build-a-function with their hands.

I think having pieces to choose from helped them make connections quicker because it didn't seem to materialize out of thin air. It narrowed their options.

The first half of the Powerpoint described a function and students created the equation. This focused on only absolute value functions. 

For example, the slide says:

Left 4
Down 5

And the students build this:

The second half of the powerpoint gives them equations and they have to identify the type (linear, quadratic, absolute value, exponential) and the transformations.

For example, the slide says:

y = -|x+4| - 5

And the students build this:

Another plus about this activity is that you don't need a fancy powerpoint. Just write it on the board or say it out loud and students go to work.

Low prep FTW.

Here are the pieces:

I printed each groups on different colors of paper and laminated.

Here is the powerpoint:

Good luck!

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